About Us

ARYABHATT EDUCATIONAL & HEALTH TRUST, situated at Mehta Complex ,opp. Laxmi Petrol Pump,Nawabganj, Hazaribagh – 825301 was established in 2010 under Indian Trust Act, 1882.. Since the inception in year 2010, we have been implementing various programs, which are related to Skill Training, education, health care, economics, environment and empowerment of the downtrodden people, through State/Central Govt. Welfare schemes in various States across India. The main objective of the Trust is to develop skill through production oriented practical training in multi-discipline. We are Committed towards improvement of the quality of lives of marginalized community, those who are yet to be integrated within the economic mainstream, through education and skill-building. Our focus lies in creating sustainable employment opportunities for individuals in collaboration with the industries in
both RURAL and URBAN INDIA. To achieve our goal the ARYABHATT EDUCATIONAL & HEALTH TRUST has established several educational & training institutions across India.